Vintage Adornments

Handcrafted with original vintage jewellery elements


A bride's wedding should be her own - a very personal experience that is just how she wants it to be. Not the same as anyone else's wedding - it should be uniquely hers.  That's why every Vintage Adornments belt and hair accessory is made to be completely unique with no design ever repeated.

But being individual isn't only for brides! It's also for those who are guests at a wedding; going to a ball; attending a prom or any other special event.

Vintage Adornments can help you express yourself as an individual on your special day, safe in the knowledge you'll look amazing and no one else can be seen wearing the same. 


Vintage Adornments belts and hair accessories are lovingly handmade in England incorporating genuine elements of vintage jewellery. Each creation is authentic and filled with vintage character from the hand selected jewellery pieces.
Sometimes a piece is found that is just perfect the way it is, and those you can find in the Jewellery section.

Vintage Adornments Decorative Belts use either ivory ribbon for a traditional bridal look or a variety of colours for a bolder statement. The coloured belts are also great to personalise bridesmaid dresses or make an evening gown more individual.

Finally, the Hair Accessories are the perfect finishing  touch to any wedding or special occasion and they also make wonderful unique gifts as no piece is ever duplicated. 


We know how important a wedding or special event is, and we know how much goes into planning them. For that reason communication and service at Vintage Adornments is top priority.  If you have any questions at all, you can always expect a prompt and friendly response from 
or via phone on +44 1844 761263.

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