Vintage Adornments

Handcrafted with original vintage jewellery elements



Make it really personal...

Every one of our belts is completely individual and unique. We never make the same design twice and always incorporate elements of original vintage jewellery. However, you may have a very specific theme or colour for your wedding or perhaps you have a brooch or pendant with sentimental significance you'd like to include for your special day. For those circumstances we offer a very special commission service.

We will work with you from start to finish on your vision and make something specific to fit your requirements. We can send you ribbon samples to choose colours from and photographs of various jewellery elements and design features we recommend throughout the process to create the belt you dreamed of (or hopefully even better!).

Pricing for Commissions

Each commission is different but depending on your requirements, prices start from £150. Once we have provided a quote to you for the commission, 50% of that price is payable before work begins, this is non-refundable. When the work is completed, the remainder of the balance is due before dispatch happens. 

Timing for Commissions

Depending on the complexity of the commission and whether or not we have to look to source specific vintage pieces we don't have in stock, the whole process from start to finish will take anything from 4 weeks to several months! We will always work with you and establish your wedding date etc before we agree to a commission. If we can't meet the deadline, we won't accept the commission so you can rest assured it will be ready in time for your special day, as long as you provide feed back during the process when it's needed!